Weekly Status Report: 2019-02-03

Hello all! This weekly status report, and the next few, will be abridged due to unforeseen circumstances. GitLab remains down pending migration. More on this to follow. Web site Top 5 referring sites to the Web site: 141: Reddit 93: without-systemd.org 71: Search engines 62: Alpine development mailing list 18: Talospace Top 5 pages accessed

Weekly Status Report: 2019-01-27

Hello all! The beginning of this week was focused on moving more of our infrastructure to secure Power9-based hardware that we control. See the “General discussion” section for more information on this exciting news. Web site Top 5 referring URLs to the Web site: 99: Reddit 99: without-systemd.org 56: Google 26: Repology 15: DuckDuckGo Top

Weekly Status Report: 2019-01-20

Hello all! This week has been mostly devoted to finishing up the missing packages list from alpha2 (the packages that we shipped in alpha2 that were removed/left unpackaged when we switched from ebuilds to APKBUILDs). Web site Top 5 referring URLs to the Web site: 145: without-systemd.org 106: Reddit 67: Google 24: Repology 17: Tie: