Weekly Status Report: 2019-11-24

Hello all! Much progress has been made on Horizon again this week. Horizon The Wi-Fi issues from last week have been sorted. Firmware support has been added to UI builds that have firmware enabled. Selection of pre-determined sets of packages is now possible, and choosing your desired /bin/sh and init system is possible in Custom

Weekly Status Report: 2019-10-27

Hello all! The Horizon Locator has been written, which means that you can now load a HorizonScript from a local or network location for installation! The Runner components are nearly three-quarters implemented. Horizon We have verified that the Runtime Environment version of Horizon, used for writing HorizonScript files on non-Adélie computers, works correctly on Mac

Weekly Status Report: 2019-10-20

Hello all! Horizon is speeding to completion; the Runner components are now officially over halfway done! On the packaging front, we have finally landed a new Easy Kernel with 4.14.149, which provides all users with reliability, performance, and security enhancements. Horizon Runner completion is at 51.93% – no work yet on Locator, 66.67% of Validator,

Weekly Status Report: 2019-10-06

Hello all! Project Horizon’s implementation has officially been started! We’ve also had some more exciting movement in our packaging, including fast-improving support for ARMv7. Horizon The specifications for Project Horizon were finalised and the implementation has started. It is still early going, but progress is moving rapidly; additionally, a test suite has already been started