Adélie Linux 1.0-RC2 Released

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (2 October 2020) – The Adélie Linux Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Adélie Linux 1.0-RC2 for all supported platforms. Learn more about Adélie Linux on our newly redesigned Web site, or see our new download page. Please note: This is a test release of Adélie Linux. While

Happy 918 Day!

Adélie Software has a long and rich history in the Tulsa community, and today is our community’s annual 918 Day celebration! The Adélie Linux project was started here just about five years ago, when A. Wilcox and Elizabeth Myers were discussing different Linux distributions. They decided to start a few projects aimed at improving the

ARMv7 Rides Again

After nearly 9 months of being suspended due to various packaging issues, the ARMv7 builder is building again! The entire system/ repository has been fully built to the latest available versions in packages.git. Work on the user/ repository will continue through this week. The system repository is already live on mirrormaster and should reach all

Looking Towards the Future

Hello all, You may have noticed that there have not been weekly status reports or blog articles since late March 2020. A lot of notable things have happened in the Adélie Linux project, and other related projects, since then. However, I feel it is important to start with a more personal introspection. As Project Lead

libucontext upstream has moved

We are happy to announce that the original author of libucontext, Ariadne Conill, has resumed maintainership of the libucontext project. The new upstream Git repository will be at GitHub. There is no replacement mailing list; support and patches sent via email will no longer be available. Please update your links and package descriptions accordingly, and

Weekly Status Report: 2020-03-22

Hello all! Horizon The Horizon system now supports the netconfigtype key, which allows you to use Horizon to install Alpine Linux using /etc/network/interfaces configuration files. Packaging Max Rees (sroracle@) updated and patched more packages for the latest security updates, including Python 3 and Thunderbird. They also updated YouTube-DL to the latest version, and fixed an

Weekly Status Report: 2020-03-15

Hello all! Horizon More contextual help has been added. The target directory for script execution is now configurable in the Script object. Many small fixes were identified from real-world deployments using Horizon. We thank our community members for their testing. Packaging Max Rees (sroracle@) updated many packages for security updates, including the Z shell. A.

Weekly Status Report: 2020-03-08

Hello all! Due to personal issues, A. Wilcox (awilfox@) will have less time to contribute to Adélie Linux for the next few weeks. Max Rees (sroracle@) has been picking up the slack. abuild Various fixes have been made to abuild. Packaging Max Rees (sroracle@) has updated and patched various packages for the latest security updates.