Fun After Dark: Adélie Nightly Images

PHILADELPHIA (August 29, 2023) — We’ve been having so much fun testing Adélie as we prepare for RC3 that we thought it would only be fair to invite the public to share in it.

Beginning today, we are publishing nightly binary Adélie platform images (ISO and tarball media). These images are intended to provide a channel for bringing the very latest code to as many curious users as possible without disrupting stable installations.

Due to a necessary key rotation in 2022, the RC2 media no longer work out of the box, so we have replaced these with BETA5 nightly images. These will be updated regularly until BETA5 becomes RC3. After RC3, nightlies will track a different development branch.

As a community engagement incentive, we are offering financial rewards (bounties) for certain types of issues that one might encounter while testing the Adélie platform. If you might be interested, get in touch first. This program will be formally announced with 1.0.

To obtain nightly images, visit our Download page. There are a few rough edges. To file bug reports or feature requests, please use one of these links for issues involving the:

Should you need assistance, we are here to support you. Though we have worked hard to ensure the Adélie platform is robust, this is our first public engagement in three years and some bugs may still be present. Our team is standing by to help–you’re in good hands.

Details about RC3, project status updates, and other news will be posted in due course.

For some background about what we’ve been up to between releases, and where we’re headed in the future, check out our 2021 and 2022 status updates. Congratulations, team!

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