Weekly Status Report: 2019-03-17

Hello all!

A smorgasbord of updates and fixes abound all throughout the Adélie Linux system this week. We also saw many fixes to conform better to the POSIX® standard.

Web site

Top 5 referring sites to the Web site:

  • 67: without-systemd.org
  • 55: Google searches
  • 46: Reddit
  • 24: DuckDuckGo searches
  • 22: Repology

Top 5 pages accessed (and homepage):

  • 987: /
  • 220: /about.html
  • 97: /announcements/
  • 49: /about-qa.html
  • 47: /team.html
  • 37: /announcements/1.0-BETA2.html

CD images

We have added the nano package to all CD images as an alternative to vim. Both editors are now available in the live environment and full installation media.

musl libc

We have contributed POSIX® conformance fixes to the musl libc. Most are pending upstream acceptance, including namespace pollution fixes in <unistd.h>, definition of O_TTY_INIT in <fcntl.h>, and a correctness fix for fpathconf(3). A fix for setvbuf(3) has already been accepted upstream. We have additionally corrected the implementation of renameat(2); however, a more appropriate fix would be kernel-side.


Shimmy is our small toolset designed to provide POSIX®-like tools for Linux systems. Our implementation of the getconf(1) utility has had some enhancements. POSIX2 options are now correctly supported, and NAME_MAX (and others) now use statvfs(2) and statfs(2) calls to return the correct, file system-dependent values.


A. Wilcox (awilfox@) updated many packages. The Heimdal implementation of Kerberos 5 was removed. Python 3 support has been fixed in Qt Declarative. Wayland was made optional for KDE, and was removed as an (erroneous) dependency of LXQt. An issue that prevented the mailx mail application from starting has been fixed.

Max Rees (sroracle@) updated LibreOffice and its dependencies.

Laurent Bercot (skarnet@) added a package for libsodium.

Luis Ressel (aranea) added packages for gmime, isync, and notmuch.

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