Weekly Status Report: 2019-08-04

Hello all!

We are proud to announce that Samuel Holland (smaeul@) has been hard at work bringing our ARMv7 port back up, and we expect to be able to make a release of Adélie Linux 1.0-BETA4 for ARMv7 in the days after the release for all Tier 1 architectures. We’ve also been hard at work on making Adélie Linux 1.0-BETA4 the best release yet — read on for more details!

Web Site

Top 5 referring sites to the Web site:

  • 37: DistroWatch
  • 24: Google
  • 19: ungleich.ch
  • 17: DuckDuckGo
  • 8: Tie: Reddit / Repology

Top 5 pages accessed (and homepage):

  • 1133: /
  • 310: /about.html
  • 158: /announcements/
  • 51: /about-qa.html
  • 40: /team.html
  • 36: /contribute.html


A. Wilcox (awilfox@):

  • Fixed a packaging issue with eudev.
  • Fixed a deadlock in Gamin which caused issues with lighttpd on 64-bit ARM computers.
  • Improved the initial experience for new shell login accounts.
  • Fixed an issue with using a mouse scroll-wheel in Qt 5 on big endian computers, including 32-bit and 64-bit PowerPC.
  • Updated many packages to their current versions, including the aspell spell checker, the GnuTLS network library, Audio CD support libraries, the Meson build system, and two Python modules.

Laurent Bercot (skarnet@):

  • Updated s6-linux-init and utmps to their current versions.

Max Rees (sroracle@):

  • Fixed security issues in many packages and libraries, including binutils, EXIF, GnuPG, ID3, LDAP, NSS, VNC, and many others.

Samuel Holland (smaeul@):

  • Fixed packaging issues in the iproute2 and LVM2 packages.
  • Fixed issues in APK Tools, LVM2, and libverto relating to building with dash as /bin/sh.
  • Updated the parted utility, the pax(1) utility, JFS support, and the ZIP archiver for the newest version of the musl C library.
  • Fixed issues with the packaging of the Boost C++ libraries, libexecinfo, and the lsof utility for building on 32-bit ARM computers.

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