Weekly Status Report: 2019-11-17

Hello all!

The Adélie Linux project is happy to announce that we have implemented a draft Code of Conduct. Unlike most other projects, we did not do this because we were forced, or to try and solve issues we were having. We did this to prevent issues from starting in the first place. It mostly consisted of writing down the way our community already expects its members to behave.

Our new Code of Conduct applies to Horizon right now, and will apply to the rest of the Adélie Linux project in the near future. A future announcement will be made at the time of full adoption.


UI.Network.Automatic and related requirements have been implemented, including a way to view DHCP logs in case of issues retrieving a network address. Support for Wi-Fi wireless networking is in progress and rapidly approaching completion.


Molly Miller (sysvinit@) and A. Wilcox (awilfox@) bumped Firefox to 68.2.0, fixing a security issue, and changed the linking properties of Firefox to ensure that future security issues are easier to fix.

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