Weekly Status Report: 2020-01-19

Hello all!

This week has seen our momentum increase as we grow closer to our first Release Candidate of Adélie Linux 1.0.

Our multi-project effort to bring 64-bit date/time code to 32-bit architectures is fully underway. This includes developers from Adélie Linux, the musl libc, the Linux kernel, freedesktop.org, and others. We will be publishing an article on this blog soon about the importance of “time64” and details about our porting efforts.


The output of newapkbuild has been modernised dramatically, which should result in easier addition of new packages to the Adélie Linux system.

Support for two new metapackages has been added to abuild and the Adélie Base System: dev, which will automatically install development packages for all software and libraries that you have installed, and symbols, which will automatically install debugging symbols for all software and libraries you have installed.


OpenSSL has been updated from version 1.0.2 to version 1.1.1. This brings many improvements, including TLS 1.3 compatibility, to various applications.

A. Wilcox (awilfox@) updated many packages, including cURL, Git, MariaDB, NFS file sharing, the Node.js programming environment, Qt Creator, and the Thunderbird email client.

Kiyoshi Aman (aerdan@) fixed an issue with starting the Prosody messaging server.

Lee Starnes (lstarnes@) updated the Strongswan VPN client.

Luis Ressel (aranea@) updated the Wireguard VPN suite.

Molly Miller (sysvinit@) updated the Firefox Web browser to 68.4.1.


Doxygen has been patched for invalid usage of gettimeofday.

mtdev and libinput have been patched for the new time64-safe input_event API.

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