Adélie Linux 1.0-ALPHA7 is now available

The Adélie Linux Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Adélie Linux 1.0-ALPHA7 for the 32-bit and 64-bit PowerPC, 32-bit and 64-bit x86, and 64-bit ARM platforms. Learn more about Adélie Linux on our Web site.

This release is an iterative release based on 1.0-ALPHA6. It includes many enhancements, new packages, and bug fixes and is based on the latest and most stable, secure software.

Please note: This is an early test release of Adélie Linux. While every care has been taken to ensure the stability of the system, features and packages may be missing or may not function correctly. You should always back up your computer’s data before you install a new Linux distribution. This release is being actively tested on multiple platforms. It is highly recommended that you use a dedicated computer or virtual machine to learn the environment until you are comfortable with using the Adélie Linux system and its package manager, apk.

Release Notes

All architectures

  • Easy Kernel has been updated to 4.14.48-mc8.
  • The Apache Web server is now available.
  • GNU Emacs has been updated to 26.1.
  • KDE Frameworks have been updated to 5.46.0, and KDE Applications have been updated from 17.12.2 to 18.04.1.
  • LXQt has been updated to version 0.13.0.
  • The Alpine-based mkinitfs tool is now supported on all architectures, allowing lbu and Alpine-style run-from-RAM support for systems that require it.
  • Documentation for the newapkbuild command and APKBUILD format are now included in the abuild-doc package in mdoc (man page) format.
  • An issue where Plasma 5 may fail to start on new installations has been fixed.


Adélie packages are now available for the 32-bit ARMv7 platform (internal arch name armv7). This support is offered on a limited testing basis only, and ARMv7 remains a Tier 2 architecture. Many issues are present, and some packages are currently unavailable as of the time of this writing; notably, Easy Kernel, Clang, and Firefox.

64-bit ARM (AArch64)

Adélie is now available on the 64-bit ARM architecture. Support is accelerating rapidly; there are currently only four known bugs left before 64-bit ARM is officially a Tier 1 release architecture for Adélie.

PowerPC (32-bit)

  • An issue where certain software that requires the apr framework would fail to compile has been fixed.

PowerPC (64-bit)

No architecture-specific release notes.

Intel x86 (all)

  • Fusion SCSI/SAS disk controllers, including the native SCSI controller used by VMware Workstation, is now supported in Easy Kernel as a boot device.
  • The syslinux bootloader has been deprecated, in favour of the GRUB 2 bootloader.


Adélie Packages

There were 136 commits between 1.0-ALPHA6 and 1.0-ALPHA7, by five developers:

  • A. Wilcox (71)
  • Kiyoshi Aman (32)
  • Max Rees (19)
  • Dan Theisen (12)
  • Horst G. Burkhardt (2)


  • We welcome Dan Theisen as a packages committer. He has an interest in general package maintenance and has a special interest in the the ARM ports.

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