Weekly Status Report: 2019-06-09

Hello all!

Our progress towards 1.0-BETA3 Update 1 has been interrupted by an issue with our GitLab instance. We have identified the issue and are working with our host to ensure GitLab is moved to a stable location with more powerful hardware.

Web site

Top 5 referring sites to the Web site:

  • 379: DistroWatch
  • 77: Google
  • 36: without-systemd.org
  • 29: DuckDuckGo
  • 20: Repology

Top 5 pages accessed:

  • 1808: /
  • 380: /about.html
  • 72: /about-qa.html
  • 65: /team.html
  • 43: /contribute.html


A. Wilcox (awilfox@):

  • Install eudev service files correctly for new installations (closes #51)
  • Fix OpenRC keymaps service (closes #101)
  • Ensure Java can create TLS connections
  • Enable more disk controller drivers for 32-bit PowerPC
  • Fix hang in Quassel (sent upstream)
  • Improve packaging of SANE, libfm, and util-linux

solar contributed a patch to provide the arch command in coreutils.

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